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About Shipworx Engineering

Shipworx Engineering is a specialist company that provides engineered solutions for the maintenance and operation of light and heavy 2 and 4 stroke engines, as well as associated auxiliary equipment. Managed by highly qualified and experienced financial and technical engineers with industry knowledge, our team has the expertise and knowhow of diesel engines.

With a focus on repair and reconditioning services, Shipworx operates its own machine shop equipped with custom manufactured and special-purpose metal working equipment. Our repairs aim to increase component life and reliability, addressing engine user difficulties with suitable and cost-effective solutions. Unlike our competitors, who simply try to find solutions for engine failures, Shipworx Engineering identifies the cause of failure, remedies the issue, and repairs failed components accordingly.

Our customers include ship owners, power station operators/managers, refineries, and heavy equipment industries. Engine users seek out companies that have the knowledge and technical resources to achieve reliable equipment through preventive and condition-based repairs. Compared to our competition, Shipworx stands out as a service provider with strong ties to manufacturers and inherent engineering and repair procedure knowledge.

Throughout the equipment life cycle, Shipworx specializes in repairing, modifying, and reconditioning major engine components such as engine blocks and frames, crank and cam shafts, connecting rods, fuel pumps, cylinder heads, turbochargers, and governors. Alongside our ability to support engine users with spare parts and technical knowledge, we have established ourselves as the go-to company in our field.

Additionally, Shipworx also supports vessel owners/managers with services for various other auxiliary machineries found on-board, including electric and hydraulic motors rewinding and overhauls, boiler tubes removal and installation, welding of damaged or collapsed structural members, and pipe works requiring customization.

Our well-qualified employees possess the skills and documentation necessary to carry out contracted works. We also ensure that training, as required by local and federal authorities, is imparted on a timely basis.

ISO9001 and ISO14000 standards are followed.

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Engineer Working on Machinery
Engineering Sketch
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